The Bridge Clinic are now able to provide effective testing and treatment for most cases of allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, affects those who are allergic to many factors, mainly grasses, dust mites or cats and dogs. Common effect from these allergies include nasal symptoms, asthma and can have a significant impact on sleep, concentration, learning and daily function, and affect childhood behaviour and development.

Skin Prick Testing is a half hour process of direct contact with the allergens, usually on the forearm, with a prick to the skin. If an allergy is present, a red inflammatory process will occur. Treatments are available on site, although severe reactions like anaphylaxis are rare. An out-of-pocket expense will occur at $100 per test.

Following the Skin Prick test, sublingual treatments may be offered. For grass pollen allergies, treatment is undertaken using Oralair® – the first and only registered temperate grass sub-lingual immunotherapy tablet in Australia and New Zealand. For house dust mite allergies, treatment is undertaken using Actair® – the first registered immunotherapy tablet for treatment of house dust mite allergies in Australia.

The first step in this process is to discuss your options with one of our GP’s. Call the clinic on 08 9582 4944 to schedule this appointment.

Currently this service is only offered at our affiliated practice:

The Bridge Family Practice

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