The clinic provides surgical procedures within the clinic which are usually booked as a day procedure and carried out under local anaesthetic. Both simple procedures like a skin biopsy and more complex surgical excisions of skin cancers including melanoma are provided in the clinic.
It is of utmost importance that patients feel completely comfortable and pain free during the procedure, that is why the skin is tested to make sure there is no pain during the procedure you are encouraged to ask any questions until you feel comfortable and confident prior to your procedure.

Most procedures are covered under Medicare. Because of the high cost of dressings and consumables, the clinic may ask you to pay a small fee, usually in the region of 15-25$ to help cover for consumable cost.
Please note that procedures other than skin cancer related, such as removal of moles for cosmetic reasons are not covered under Medicare and are likely to incur a small gap payment which varies depending on the complexity and length of the procedure.

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